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We’re a Development Consultancy working closely with our clients to turn great ideas into reality. We’re specialists in simplifying complexity, enabling our clients to see possibilities and seize opportunities.

Policy Development

Policy Formulation

We use our legal and policy skills to help organisations prepare the documents, briefings and reports they need.


Having a policy is just the beginning, we work with organisations to put policy into practice.

Research & Analysis

Drawing on meticulous primary & secondary research, and detailed analysis, we enable our clients to make the right decisions

Impact Assessments & Reviews

We enable our clients to see if their policies are working, to measure their impact, and to review their policy thinking & services.

Strategy Development

Strategic Planning

We use our research & business skills to enable our clients to develop clear roadmaps for success.

Audit & Review

We use our research and inquiry skills to enable clients to assess effectiveness

Monitoring & Evaluation

We use performance management skills to check progress and assess performance


We use traditional and new media skills to enable clients to design and deliver key messages to their audiences clearly and succinctly

People & Organisation Development


We apply our policy, legal & training skills to enable clients to put core documents into place.

Learning & Action Labs

We use our consultancy and training skills to enable clients to develop solutions to challenges.

Mentoring & Training

We work supportively with individuals and groups to understand challenges and develop pathways to success.

Personal Development Planning

We apply our managerial and development skills to assist clients to develop work and life pathways.

Community Development

Community Consultation & Involvement

We use our research, analysis and marketing skills to enable our clients to engage their audiences.

Neighbourhood Planning & Action

We use our policy, research and planning skills to enable clients to produce local plans.

Community Projects

We apply our research, planning & development skills to develop, support and deliver projects

Community Safety & Cohesion

We use our experience of working in the community safety and equalities field to enable our clients to make a difference.

Business Development

Project Development & Bid Writing

We’ve developed many projects and helped our clients secure major grants and finance.

Business & Succession Planning

We use our research, planning and development skills to enable clients plan for success and exit.

Delivery Partnerships

We use our consultancy and development skills to establish new partnerships to secure funds and do more for less.

Funding sources

We’re constantly adding to our long list of funding sources and can help you find the best fit for you.



Using our consultancy, training and development skills, we create physical and online spaces for clients to explore and develop new ideas, practices and realities.


Using our consultancy and design skills we work with our clients to develop their vision into a powerful brand.

Design for Digital & Print

We use our design and software skills to produce a great presence in digital and print formats.


We enable our clients to develop a clear and powerful web presence to engage with your audiences, increase sales, and deliver services.

Web Content Writing

We use our policy and marketing skills to write crisp and targeted content for your audiences.

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