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PossibilitySpace – Agenda 2017


PossibilitySpace – Agenda 2017

This year, our priorities focus on enabling our clients to innovate, plan for success, reinvent themselves and secure funding.


Innovation is crucial in a time of austerity, especially when the old concept of frugal living meets the new mantra of our age, ‘more for less’. The secret to innovation lies in using traditional research & development methods as well as in creating spaces where new ideas and fresh thinking can flourish. We do this through physical Learning Labs, Workshops and Internet based virtual technologies.

One of the concerns of residents in local communities is about  communication, or the rather the lack of it. As budgets have declined, so too have local newsletters and free local newspapers. In Handsworth Wood Ward in Birmingham, we worked with the neighbourhood forums to set up a Facebook group enabling people to communicate news and events, and engage in discussion 24/7.


Planning takes on a whole new meaning in uncertain times. Gone are the detailed strategic plans from more certain times, in their place have arrived much shorter plans that balance the need for vision,  direction and action with the realities of constant change and uncertain budgets.

Handsworth Wood was one of the first Wards in Birmingham to produce a Neighbourhood Plan based on ward wide consultation and community engagement, including online surveys. Since 2013, the Neighbourhood Forums have held ward conferences to review progress and plan ahead. If you’re looking for a Strategic Plan, Business Plan, Community Plan, Neighbourhood Plan or even a Personal Development Plan, we will be delighted to assist.


Reinvention is not just about fashion and following the latest trends, its about creating a powerful and relevant brand for changing times. In a time of austerity, many organisations are having to reduce costs by reducing the head count; older workers are often the first to be let go.

We have been providing professional mentoring to individuals made redundant especially from the public sector. We have also designed a flexible training programme for public sector organisations specifically to enable people about to be made redundant, or who are considering redundancy, to consider their options and plan for a rewarding new work and life direction.


Funding is a real challenge. Gone are the days when you could rustle up a quick application to secure a grant from a host of funding bodies keen to allocate their funds. The competition for funds is intense and funding applications take weeks to prepare rather than days.

We specialise in working with clients to prepare winning funding bids. We do this by working with clients to prepare great projects that funders want to fund. If you’re looking to secure funding, let us work with you as your coproduction partner.

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