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We enable our clients to innovate, plan for success, reinvent themselves and secure funding. 

How: R&D | Learning Labs | Strategic Planning | Neighbourhood Planning | Branding | Mentoring | Training | Projects | Bid Writing | &  more…

There are times when we all need a helping hand, a safe pair of hands, a knowledgeable and skilled specialist. Here at PossibilitySpace, we work closely with our clients to put great ideas into reality.

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Development Through Consultancy

Clients & Challenges

Birmingham City Council

Birmingham City Council

How do we create a powerful strategic document to provide a sense of direction for the whole Council? How do make equal opportunities a core part of the Council’s culture and business?

The Drum

The Drum

How do we present a robust case for capital investment funding in a sharp, visual and engaging way?

Birmingham Community Safety Partnership


How do we assess the effectiveness of our existing strategy? How do we bring our partners together to reduce crime & disorder?

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